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get involved

We appreciate the support of so many people that our last time voted for Edna and helped, even with only three months of the public campaign she was able to have a great number of votes. Thank you so much!

This time we kindly ask you to get involved in order to help her achieved her goal. The level of commitment depends on your availability to donate either your time, your money, or both. Be The Change Campaign and we will make sure that every penny you donate is well invested. 


Since Edna is running independently, it is not possible to find funds from either party. Therefore, we kindly ask you to donate in order to help us with campaign cost and expenses. For more information, please click on the link and we will more than happy to connect you with our treasurer.

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Active Participation

Whether you want to donate or participate with us making phone calls, sending postcards, standouts, knocking on doors or coordinating small gatherings to help Edna achieve her goal, all is appreciated. Helping to spread the word to everyone you know, as little as you think, every vote counts. Helps us to guarantee a seat at the table of the City Council with your active participation.