Issues & Political Concerns

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When she is elected, Edna plans on working alongside her fellow City Officials to make Taunton a better place. She dreams of a city where everyone is well represented. She desires that Taunton becomes a city we can all be proud of. A city where the youth thrive, our roads and minds are clear, and our policies are fair. 


Our people have lost faith in their government,

their future, and many are losing faith in themselves,

We Can Change That."

Mental Health, the Families of this City, and the Infrastructure that surrounds us are some of the things Edna is most passionate about. Throughout the years Edna has observed the importance that these different areas have on building a strong community. She knows they are imperative when creating a healthy atmosphere, where learning and working are enjoyable experiences.


Edna Isaac is proud to support and push for change throughout the community when it comes to offering more accessible spaces and resources for people with disabilities. Different aspects in our community such as well-maintained sidewalks, ADA-designed ramps, and automatic doors are all crucial for all of our community members to be able to get around.


Social Justice & Diversity | Edna believes that we cannot be deaf to the needs of the underserved populations in our community. While she will represent the community as a whole, she strongly believes that we need to help empower these populations which will benefit our general community overall.


Mental Health | As a certified Community Agent of Mental Health, and working in the mental health field, she understands that the struggles we all face can lead to many problems including mental health illnesses. Understanding the problems and traumas our com. communities go through, she is willing to advocate on their behalf and be a voice.


Education | Our schools are the gateway and stepping stone for our children of the next generation. Scholastically, we fall in the bottom 50% in overall test scores. Edna strongly believes that a good education is the best route and strong foundation to impact our communities positively. However, with the pandemic, our students have not been able to receive the attention and education they deserved and once enjoyed. 

Therefore, if we want to see a brighter future for new generations to come, we need to be proactive in our education system. She said, “We cannot stand still while we see our children hate and kill each other without remorse, we need to take action.” ​ 

Overall, as a City Councilor, she will be willing to work alongside any City Officials to make Taunton a better place to thrive. She is not afraid of hard work and looking forward to ensuring that everyone is very well represented.


Edna is running as an Independent. She does not believe we should vote for a specific party but people of character, for people who will deliver and respect others not demonizing their opponent. Overall, it is not about Edna or any other candidate, or a political party; it is about what is best for our community.  Together we can make a difference!