Meet Edna


Edna L. Isaac is a professional change agent – locally and globally. A proud Puerto-Rican American, she and her husband of 30 years, Francisco, are raising four children together. Her passion for serving humanity is augmented by formal education, graduating Magna Cum Laude from various institutions.  Her 25+ year leadership/change management career includes:  Founder/Ordained Minister – CDA (House of Worship) with an International Women's Ministry, Theology Professor at ETME, in Boston, MA. Taunton’s Clergy Association Convener, Certified Community Agent for Mental Health, and Founder of Greater Taunton Minority Development Coalition. A Published Author/Editor, she is relaunching  her business – JDN Publications. Edna is currently providing therapeutic services to the Youth and Families as an In-Home Therapist TTS for Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc., and also for Summit Community Service.


Edna has been involved in the community for the last 16 years. She is fueled by helping families thrive, by inspiring young people to be their best, and by helping anyone she can live to the fullest.



Edna's passion to make a difference, has challenged her to reach out in different areas where she has help others through their moments of struggles. This pandemic has brought many of the issues our city has being ignoring to surface, Edna believes that working together will impact every citizen of our community.